Jonathan Bouldin

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Murfreesboro Office
372 W Northfield Blvd.
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NMLS #721657

Jonathan Bouldin

Mortgage Advisor


In a world of 800 numbers and dot-com lenders, I have managed to do this for 18+ years the old-fashioned way – by providing honest, personalized guidance and comfort through a time in your life that is filled with stress.  My name is Jonathan Bouldin and I look forward to helping you with all of your home loan needs.


Are you a first-time homebuyer with no idea where to start or what questions to ask me?  Don’t be nervous – reach out and I will walk you step by step through the process.  Are you an experienced homeowner looking for the right loan program?  I’m here to help – having done over 4,000 loans in my life I know the ins and outs of assisting you in making the best decision that fits both your short and long-term goals,  Do you need to access the equity in your home to renovate your kitchen or pay off high-interest rate debt into one low monthly payment?  I got you covered!  Want to shorten your term and pay your mortgage off quicker and at a lower rate?  Yep – we can do that too!


We have all of the “technology” driven tools and those have their place in this process.  However, you also get my full team of experienced people who work very hard to make this the best experience of your life.  Remember there are no questions too small!  I look forward to helping you and your family with any home loan needs